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Craptastic Icons from your Neighborhood Rice Bunny


icons from your neighborhood rice bunny
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mochi_iconage is the icon journal of me, mochibuni. All though I'm a poor iconist, I decided to make myself a journal mainly for the purpose of keeping my icons organized. I also hope to improve and become more active in icon making, I believe this journal gives me a good excuse to do so.

To see a list of catagorized icons that I've made, please see my memories, eventually switching to tags. ^^; I usually focus on the different versions of Sailor Moon because I belong to several Sailor Moon related icon communities. However, when I'm feeling adventurous, I do make icons of my favorite Japanese cartoon and comics series. Look below at my interests for a vauge idea of what I may make in the future or have already made. I also belong to a few Harry Potter communities and I have a great fondness for making joke icons from what goes on in them.

Also, I do like con crit, so please feel free to make a suggestion or point something out.

You're more than welcome to join this "community" or watch it. However, I am the only one with posting access.

Credit and Usage

You want to use my icons? How flattering! I don't care if you let me know via comment, email, or etc... if you're going to use one of my icons or not. However, I would appreciate credit in any way you deem worthy. Whether you link my icon back to me, credit in the keywords, or mentioned in your sig tag if you're using some form of message board. Any way you can think of is fine with me as long as it's somewhat easy to see or accessible.

Of course, you certainly don't have to either. Er, I mean, don't make me go all Darth Vader on your ass?

Speaking of crediting, I would also appreciate it if you linked mochi_iconage instead of my personal LJ. All my icons can be found here, so I think it's a bit pointless to link my personal LJ for icon purposes.


UNLESS it's for uploading it onto another server to host it. For example, uploading it to your user icons on LJ. I'm totally fine with that.

Links and Credit

Resources and credit: in this post
Icon challenges, contests, and communities: in this post
Awards: in this post
Contest entries: in this post